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Authors: Lindl.
Protologue: Royle, Ill. Bot. Himal. Mount.: 232
Synonyms: No synonyms
Type species: Trachydium roylei
Type species authors: Lindl.
Type species synonyms: No synonyms
Number of species: 1
Distribution: Asia (E: the Himalaya; Central)
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Features: fruits separating into mericarps; ovate or orbicular; with carpophore bifid to the base; beak absent; mericarps homomorphic; covered by wart-like outgrowths; 3.0-5.0 mm long; 2.0-2.5 mm broad; terete; with primary ribs; all primary ribs equal, narrow-winged; mericarp ribs wavy; with entire margin; calyx teeth prominent; short; triangular; stylopodia low conical; styles medium; recurved; cell borders distinct; cells isodiametric; anticlinal walls concave; outer cell walls convex; cuticle rugulate; exocarp cells large; commissure narrow, exocarp almost reaches carpophore; inner fibrous mesocarp obsolete; mesocarp parenchyma not lignified; vascular bundles compact; situated in primary rib bases; vittae vallecular and commissural; 2–5 in each furrow; 4–10 on commissural side; rib sectetory ducts obsolete; endocarp not lignified; endosperm with broad, shallow groove on commissural side or endosperm with broad, deep groove on commissural side; embryo with two cotyledons.

Note: СЭМ: Границы клеток различимы, изодиаметрические, антиклинальные стенки вдавленные, все наружные стенки, видимо, были куполообразными, но сейчас все верхушки вдавленные, широкая неглубокая ямка. Кутикула морщинистая, на выпуклом крае морщины либо радиальные, либо все параллельные оси плода.