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Authors: L.
Protologue: Sp. pl. ed. 1, 1754: 236
Synonyms: Agrostana Hill, Buprestis Spreng., Odontites Spreng., Tenoria Spreng., Diaphyllum Hoffm., Isophyllum Hoffm., Agostana Bute ex S.F. Gray, Diatropa Dumort.,Trachypleurum Rchb., Orimaria Raf., Pteraton Raf., Tepso Raf., Zigara Raf., Odontea Fourr., Perfoliata Fourr., Glochidopleurum Koso-Pol.
Type species: Bupleurum rigidum
Type species authors: L.
Type species synonyms: No synonyms
Number of species: 185-195
Distribution: Europe, Asia, Africa (N, NW, NE, S), N America, Australasia (adv.)
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Features: fruits separating into mericarps; ovate or orbicular or elliptic or lanceolate or linear-lanceolate; with carpophore bifid to the base; beak absent; mericarps homomorphic; glabrous or covered by wart-like outgrowths or tuberculate; 1.0-8.0 mm long; 0.5-2.5 mm broad; terete; with primary ribs; all primary ribs inconspicuous or all primary ribs equal, filiform or all primary ribs equal, keeled or all primary ribs equal, narrow-winged; mericarp ribs straight; with entire margin; calyx teeth obsolete; stylopodia flat or stylopodia low conical; styles short or styles medium; recurved; exocarp cells small; commissure narrow, exocarp almost reaches carpophore; inner fibrous mesocarp obsolete; mesocarp parenchyma not lignified; vascular bundles compact; vittae obsolete in mature fruit or vittae vallecular and commissural; solitary in furrows or 2–5 in each furrow; two on commissural side or 4–10 on commissural side; rib sectetory ducts obsolete; endocarp not lignified; crystals obsolete; endosperm flat, slightly convex or slightly concave on commissural side; embryo with two cotyledons.

Note: in some species fruits are covered with papillas