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Authors: L.
Protologue: Sp. Pl. ed. 1: 235
Synonyms: Etoxoe Raf., Transcaucasia M.Hiroe
Type species: Astrantia major
Type species authors: L.
Type species synonyms: No synonyms
Number of species: 8-9
Distribution: Europe, Asia (the Caucasus, SW)
Bibl.: No bibliography
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Features: fruits separating into mericarps; ovate or elliptic or lanceolate; carpophore obsolete; beak absent; mericarps homomorphic; covered with scales; 3.0-10.0 mm long; 1.5-3.0 mm broad; slightly compressed dorsally; with primary ribs; all primary ribs equal, narrow-winged; mericarp ribs straight; with toothed margin; calyx teeth prominent; exceeding stylopodium; lanceolate; stylopodia obsolete; styles long; erect; cell borders distinct; cells isodiametric; anticlinal walls concave; outer cell walls convex; cuticle tuberculate; exocarp cells small; commissure narrow, exocarp almost reaches carpophore; inner fibrous mesocarp obsolete; mesocarp parenchyma not lignified, destroyed at maturity (exocarp separating); vascular bundles compact; situated in primary rib bases; vittae obsolete in mature fruit; rib sectetory ducts large, present in all ribs; endocarp not lignified; crystals diffuse in mesocarp parenchyma; endosperm flat, slightly convex or slightly concave on commissural side; embryo with two cotyledons.

Note: mericarp are covered with vesiculose scales, arrenged in 1-2 rows СЭМ: На бугорках (чешуях) границы клеток различимы, клетки изодиаметрические, антиклинальные стенки вдавленные, наружные выпуклые, кутикула бугорчатая.