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Authors: L.
Protologue: Species plantarum ed. 2: 1393
Synonyms: Solandra L., nom. rejic., Trisanthus Lour., Glyceria Nutt., nom. illeg., Odacmis Raf.
Type species: Centella villosa
Type species authors: L.
Type species synonyms: No synonyms
Number of species: 40
Distribution: Africa, Asia, S. America, C America, N America, Australia, Austraasia, Oceania
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Features: fruits free, not separating into mericarps; orbicular; carpophore obsolete; beak absent; mericarps homomorphic; glabrous; 2.8-3.1 mm long; 1.0-1.3 mm broad; compressed laterally; all primary ribs equal, filiform; with entire margin; calyx teeth prominent; short; stylopodia obsolete; styles short; recurved; exocarp cells small; commissure narrow, exocarp almost reaches carpophore; inner fibrous mesocarp obsolete; most of mesocarp composed of cells with lignified pitted walls; vascular bundles compact; vittae obsolete in mature fruit; rib sectetory ducts obsolete; endocarp strongly lignified; endosperm flat, slightly convex or slightly concave on commissural side.

Note: description has been compiled on the basis of C. asiatica fruits mericarp surface cellular; calyx teeth form annular ring; vascular bundles 11; crystall were found only in endosperm