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Authors: H.Wolff
Protologue: in Engler, Pflanzenreich 228, 90: 364
Synonyms: No synonyms
Type species: Adenosciadium arabicum
Type species authors: (T.Anders.) H.Wolff
Type species synonyms: Ptychotis arabica T.Anders.
Number of species: 1
Distribution: Asia (SW: Arabian Peninsula)
Bibl.: No bibliography
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Features: fruits free, not separating into mericarps; ovate or orbicular; with carpophore bifid to the base; beak absent; mericarps homomorphic; sparsely pubescent all over or densely hairy; 0.9-1.1 mm long; 0.6-0.7 mm broad; terete; with primary ribs; all primary ribs inconspicuous or all primary ribs equal, filiform; mericarp ribs straight; with entire margin; calyx teeth obsolete; stylopodia low conical; styles short; recurved; cell borders indistinct; surface irregularly rugate; cuticle striate with straight striae or cuticle rugulate; cuticle on hairs rugulate; exocarp cells small; commissure intermediate; inner fibrous mesocarp obsolete; mesocarp parenchyma not lignified; vascular bundles compact; vittae vallecular and commissural; solitary in furrows; two on commissural side; rib sectetory ducts obsolete; endocarp not lignified; crystals obsolete; endosperm flat, slightly convex or slightly concave on commissural side; embryo with two cotyledons.

Note: СЭМ: Границы клеток неразличимы, на ребрах поверхность продольно морщинистая или волнистая, в бороздках беспорядочно морщинистая. Кутикула струйчатая и морщинистая. Якорные волоски 50-120 мкм длиной, ножка несплюснутая или слабо сплюснутая толстостенная, верхушка двулопастная (крендель), кутикула морщинистая. Основание волоска простое.